Edith’s birthday is Tuesday, September 17th.

Edith is eligible for a U Visa. This Visa can cover both her son and her husband, however her son is turning 21 this month and after that he will not be eligible under Edith’s Visa.

We celebrate Edith and everything she brings to our community. It’s hard to see her stuck in sanctuary for yet another birthday… no fun outings with her family, no special dinners, no chance to feel free from ICE’s harsh restrictions on her life. We’re inviting you to make Edith’s birthday better. Make a birthday gift donation as a reminder that Columbus is filled with people who appreciate her and are fighting for her freedom

When you give $30 or more before September 17th, you’ll receive a free t-shirt as a party favor for your support! Donate here and then fill out the form for a t-shirt here.